An AI generated image using Stable Diffusion of an anime girl with long purple hair, wearing a black halter top, standing indoors with a soft smile and natural light from the window creating a serene atmosphere.

Anime girl with purple hair

Image Description

A captivating anime girl with long, flowing purple hair and vibrant purple eyes stands indoors, wearing a sleek black halter top with metallic rings near the neckline. She has a warm, gentle smile. The room is softly lit by natural light filtering through the large windows in the background, casting a calm and serene ambiance. The detailed artwork highlights the delicate features of her face and the natural light complements her overall appearance. The imagery and style reflect a high-art anime aesthetic.


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Generation Parameters

score_9, score_8_up, score_7_up, source_anime BREAK 1girl,  <lora:mihara-nikke-richy-v1_pdxl:1> mihara, purple eyes, black hair, purple hair, long hair, bangs, crop top, smile, looking at viewer,
Negative Prompt
simple background, pencil, shiny skin
SamplerEuler A Turbo
CFG scale7

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