An AI generated image using Stable Diffusion featuring an anthropomorphic character with blue and yellow fur, wearing a detailed cloak, set against a colorful, vibrant fantasy backdrop.

Anthropomorphic character in vibrant fantasy art

Image Description

An anthropomorphic character with blue and yellow fur dressed in a detailed cloak. The character stands out against a vibrant fantasy backdrop full of rich colors including reds, blues, and yellows, creating a luminous and energetic atmosphere. There is a mystical symbol glowing brightly above the character’s head, enhancing the magical theme of the image. Yellow sparks and abstract elements fill the air around the character, adding to the dreamlike quality.


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Generation Parameters

furry, anthro, cute, kemono, female focus, solo, mouse, score_9, score_8_up, male, full body, digital art, highly detailed, lv1rubyi, full body, smile face, looking at viewer, colorful, rainbow, Red, Blue, Yellow, Black, White
Negative Prompt
boring_e621_fluffyrock_v4, negative_hand, difConsistency_negative_v2, badIrisNeg
SamplerEuler a
ModelIndigo Furry mix v115_anime
CFG scale7

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