Anthropomorphic coyote dressed in a dark dress standing in a night landscape with stars, AI-generated using Stable Diffusion.

Anthropomorphic Coyote in Night Landscape

Image Description

An anthropomorphic coyote figure with a humanoid female body stands gracefully in a dark, picturesque landscape under a starry night sky. The coyote is dressed in a dark, floral-patterned dress that is elegantly draped. The background reveals rolling hills that melt into darkened forested areas under a subtle, star-lit sky. This surreal scene combines natural elements and a fantasy character, emphasizing the contrast between the mystical figure and the serene night landscape.


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Generation Parameters

female, mammal, solo, clothing, meadow, night, wallpaper, detailed, photorealism,, nature, anthro, <lora:Furtastic_Detailer:1>
Negative Prompt
ugly, deformed, malformed, lowres, mutant, mutated, disfigured, compressed, noise, artifacts, dithering, simple, watermark, text, font, signage, signature, script, manuscript, collage, pixel, bwu dfc ubbp updn,
SamplerEuler a
CFG scale7.5

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