Anthropomorphic dragons embracing romantically, AI generated using Stable Diffusion.

Anthropomorphic dragon romantic embrace

Image Description

Two anthropomorphic dragons with red and white scales and muscular physiques are embracing tenderly. Both are wearing black leather jackets and jeans, and are standing closely, gazing affectionately into each other’s eyes. Their horns are white and they have spiky manes. The background is softly lit, suggesting an indoor setting.


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Generation Parameters

(high quality:1.2, highres:1.35, masterpiece), duo, dragon, (black and red body, yellow eyes, scales:1.4, white horns:1.4, tail, buff), looking at another, kiss, (seductive), (black leather jacket, open jacket, fingerless gloves, black pants), detailed background, cafe toilet stall, by milkytiger1145:0.9, by garnetto:0.5
Negative Prompt
By bad artist, (low quality, low res), ( bad-hands-5, deformityv6, boring_e621_fluffyrock_v4), fused arms, toilet, female, ((short hair)), (belt, necklace, boots), watermark, text, signature, logo
SamplerDPM++ 2M Karras
CFG scale8

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