A woman with short curly platinum blonde hair in a white dress, sitting on the floor of an art studio. This is an AI generated image using stable diffusion.

Art model woman in studio

Image Description

A young woman with short curly platinum blonde hair, dressed in a sleeveless white dress, is sitting on the wooden floor of an art studio. Sunlight streams in, casting soft shadows and highlighting her delicate features. The background showcases shelves filled with paint jars and art supplies, and a large wooden easel stands nearby with paint splatters on it, contributing to the creative ambiance.


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Generation Parameters

(style of Gregory Crewdson:1.6), (young adult woman in [melancholic:resilient:0.8] abandoned art studio), (24 years old feminine, young European woman:1.22), lightly freckled Style-Volumetric SkinDetail OverallDetail BREAK (Oval-shaped face, luminous complexion, glowing aqua+ almond-shaped eyes, thin brows, small upturned nose, thin supple lips:1.23), wide angle photo, dimly lit corner, woman sitting with a curved inward posture, shoulders drooping, reminiscent of lost dreams, her eyes revealing a flicker of hope, symbolizing the resilience of the human spirit, (blank canvas on easel in front of her untouched and waiting, surrounded by forgotten brushes and paint jars, scattered sketches on the floor:1.3), cobwebs in the corners, shafts of light piercing through cracked windows, casting long shadows, worn wooden floorboards, an atmosphere of quiet desolation mixed with a glimmer of potential, her attire simple yet expressive, hinting at her former vibrant self, a stark contrast to the somber surroundings, a story of lost creativity and enduring hope. (perky [small|medium]-covered-breasts, young adult European woman:1.35), (chin-length short hair, bleached white-colored hair, pure white curly hair, center part:1.53),
Negative Prompt
AloeAntiCGI-1500 AloeCrapArt-3000 AloeDeBokeh-3000 AloeRealityNeg-3000 Asian-Less2-Neg bad-picture-chill-75v bad_pictures BadDream EasyNegativeV2 epiCPhoto-neg fcNeg-neg FastNegativeV2 Low_Quality2xx_ By_Stable_Yogi-neg Low_Realism_2xx_By_Stable_Yogi-neg NegfeetV2 negative_hand-neg++ SkinDetailNeg-neg, big feet, big hands, child, childlike, petite, bimbo, busty, missing leg, mangled fingers, interlaced fingers, polished floor, clean, neat, tidy
CFG scale10

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