Portrait of a beautiful woman with dark hair, wearing a red vintage lace dress and an ornate choker necklace. AI generated image using stable diffusion.

Beautiful Woman in a Vintage Lace Dress

Image Description

Portrait of a beautiful woman with dark, shoulder-length hair, styled softly around her face. She has captivating, brown eyes and is wearing natural makeup with subtle eyeshadow and soft red lipstick. She is dressed in an elegant red vintage lace dress with intricate floral patterns and a deep neckline. Around her neck, she wears an ornate choker necklace with delicate, intricate designs. The background is softly blurred, featuring warm, ambient lighting and a chandelier hanging in an elegantly furnished room.


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Generation Parameters

HDR photo of (((extremely intricate:1.3))), (realistic), photo of a girl in a luxury hotel room, lounging on a velvet sofa, Detailed clothes, hazel eyes, straight hair, relaxed expression, shiny glossy skin, subsurface scattering, (sharp:0.7), [(opulent decor and chandeliers:1.21)::0.05], amazing fine detail, Nikon Z7 II, f2.0 lens, rich colors, lifelike texture, dramatic lighting, indoor environment, elegant furniture, dynamic composition, unreal engine, trending on ArtStation, cinestill 800 tungsten, volumetrics dtx, (film grain, blurry background, bokeh, depth of field:1.3), cleavage, small breasts, glamorous makeup, dark red lipstick, winged eyeliner . High dynamic range, vivid, rich details, clear shadows and highlights, realistic, intense, enhanced contrast, highly detailed
Negative Prompt
epiCNegative, epiCPhoto-neg, bad-hands-5, negative_hand-neg, NegfeetV2, 5-funny-looking-fingers:2, flat, low contrast, oversaturated, underexposed, overexposed, blurred, noisy
SamplerDPM++ 2M SDE
CFG scale3

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