AI generated image using stable diffusion of a cute anime catgirl with brown hair, wearing glasses and a white sweater, enjoying a drink with a slice of cake.

Catgirl anime character enjoying a drink

Image Description

A cute anime catgirl with brown hair, wearing glasses and a white sweater, sits at a table in a cozy library setting. She has cat ears and yellow eyes, resting her head on her hand while sipping an orange drink through a straw. A slice of cake with a strawberry on top is placed on the table beside her. In the background, bookshelves with books and small plants, and a window letting in natural light create a warm and inviting atmosphere.


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Generation Parameters

score_9,score_8_up,score_7_up,<lora:Expressive_H:1>,1girl,<lora:Everlasting_Summer_Yulya_by_GraffMetal:0.7>,yulya,brown hair,yellow eyes,hair between eyes,cat pupils,animal ears,cat ears,tail,cat tail,cat girl,long hair,braid,side braid,single braid,bow,
Negative Prompt
score_6,score_5,score_4,aidxlv05_neg,unaestheticXL_Alb2,low quality,monochrome,lowres,lowres,bad anatomy,bad hands,text,error,missing fingers,extra digit,fewer digits,cropped,worst quality,low quality,normal quality,jpeg artifacts,signature,watermark,username,blurry,artist name,excess fingers,worst quality,low quality,sketch,normal quality,jpeg artifacts,bloom,messy drawing,amateur drawing,fewer digits,extra digits,sketches,bad proportions,out of focus,worstquality,excess legs,
SamplerEuler a
CFG scale5

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