Serene landscape with a vibrant scene of cherry blossoms, waterfalls, and traditional architecture, generated by AI using Stable Diffusion.

Cherry Blossom Landscape with Waterfalls

Image Description

A stunning and serene landscape showcasing a vibrant scene filled with cherry blossom trees in full bloom. The foreground features a small island covered with lush, pink flowers surrounded by a crystal-clear turquoise pool. The background reveals multiple cascading waterfalls flowing over rocky cliffs, with traditional Japanese-style pagodas perched atop the cliffs. The scene is framed by tall, verdant mountains under a bright blue sky with the sun shining through the cherry blossom branches. The image emphasizes tranquility and natural beauty, combining elements of traditional Japanese aesthetics with the soft, vivid coloration typical in digital art.


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Generation Parameters

(((award winning photo))) A picture of a modern giant house that exudes peace and harmony, lying on a rock slab that is in a waterfall pool in front of a waterfall, surrounded by cherry blossom trees that can be seen right and left along the water, cherry blossom petals flying Through the picture, , , in the distance you can see the sunset, which colors the sky and illuminates the picture and casts shadows on the cherry blossom trees,(sharp focus:1.2),DOF, geometric patterns, intricately detailed, perfectly balanced, deep fine edges, artistic photorealism,photorealism, vivid colors,, 8K, UHD, many details, extreme detailed, full of details, BadDream,
Negative Prompt
low quality, worst quality, bad hands,multiple legs
SamplerDPM++ 2M Karras
Model🥂🎆SDXL FaeTastic🎆🥂 v24
CFG scale4

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