Anthropomorphic reindeer with antlers in formal attire holding a red Christmas gift, created using Stable Diffusion AI.

Christmas furry holding a gift

Image Description

An anthropomorphic reindeer with expressive, large eyes and antlers, dressed in a black formal suit with a white shirt, patterned tie, and pocket square. The reindeer is holding a neatly wrapped red Christmas gift with a bow. Surrounding the reindeer are other Christmas gifts and a decorated Christmas tree in the background, with a warm indoor setting illuminated by natural light from a window.


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Generation Parameters

Deer, antlers, (anthro : furry art : chibi : kawaii), perfect hands, perfect fingers
(masterpiece), best quality, expressive eyes, perfect face, ahoge, ponytail, hair bow, blonde hair, ((highlights hair, smoky rainbow streaked hair)), white eyes, cleavage, in a room, christmas decorations, christmas outfit
Nose Blush, receiving a present, 目がハート, heart-shaped pupils, 喜び, Great Joy, THANK YOU!
<lora:midjourney_20230624181825:0.6> midjourney
\\ Made with ONE FOR ALL checkpoint by Chaos Experience @ \\
Negative Prompt
signature, watermark, nipples
SamplerDPM++ 3M SDE
ModelONE FOR ALL «Furry» v. Final.bf16
CFG scale8

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