A vibrant, AI-generated bird image created using Stable Diffusion, featuring a bird perched on a branch with striking multicolored plumage set against a green, blurred background.

Colorful Bird in Nature

Image Description

A vibrant and detailed image of a bird perched on a branch. The bird’s feathers are an array of beautiful colors, including light yellow-green wings with black and white accents, a pinkish-orange chest, and subtle blue highlights near the neck. Its dark, round eye adds to the lifelike detail. The bird is set against a softly blurred green background, enhancing the sharpness and focus on the bird itself.


Please note that the image provided has been generated by AI using a model uploaded by the user. Diffus offers the cloud-based platform that facilitates the generation process; however, we do not claim ownership of the model nor do we hold the licensing rights to it. Users are responsible for ensuring that their use of this image and the related model complies with the applicable licensing agreements.

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Generation Parameters

(masterpiece) , (best quality), (extremely intricate), (sharp focus), (cinematic lighting), (extremely detailed), (designed by Alex Prager:0.7) , photograph, ground level shot of a ([Lazuli Bunting| Red-Eyed Vireo]:1.3) , Unique, woods, dslr, F/2.8, 64K, fractal, fine polished, fine artistic composition, highly intricate, great composition
Negative Prompt
bad-image-v2-39000-neg, negative_hand-neg, Unspeakable-Horrors-Composition-4v, FastNegativeV2, Asian-Less2-Neg
ModelThe Neuro-Reality_v2
CFG scale7

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