AI generated image using Stable Diffusion of a blonde woman in a school uniform cosplay, standing in a street with other people in the background.

Cosplay Girl in School Uniform

Image Description

A young blonde woman dressed in a school uniform cosplay stands confidently on a busy street. She has twin ponytails tied with red ribbons, and she wears red-framed glasses. Her outfit consists of a cropped white shirt with a red tie and a navy blue pleated skirt. She makes an ‘OK’ hand gesture and is surrounded by casually dressed people in the background.


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Generation Parameters

score_9, score_8_up, score_8,  masterpiece, ((fully clothed)), source_photo, RAW, hyper detailed, random angle, random pose, hyper realistic, detailed skin, Esmeralda, 1 girl, (height difference) petite, narrow waist, narrow shoulders, cute, excited, blushing, brown eyes, large slanted eyes, narrow eyelids, epicanthic eyelid folds, Seductive look, pointy chin, toned body, skinny legs, skinny arms,
 Light Blue tight crop top, pleated dark blue skirt, white socks, red ribbon tie, red ribbon hair tie, pink choker, long straight blonde hair in twin tails, hair in face, messy hair, full red lips, large glasses,  hair decorations, flat chest, tiny breasts, tiny nipples, erect nipples, arched back,(self hold breasts), sucking dick, cum on mouth, cum on breasts, blowbang, bukkake, cum on face, one eye closed (detailed cum:1.6),(excessive cum:0.8)
Negative Prompt
score_6, score_5, score_4, busty, (large breasts:0.3), ugly face, phone, smartphone, mutated hands, low res, blurry face, (hairy pussy:1.2), pumped body, athletic body, black and white
SamplerEuler a
ModelPony Realism 🔮 v2.1 Main + VAE
CFG scale2.5

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