AI-generated image of a cute piglet child with big eyes and white curly hair, wearing a purple shirt and sitting outdoors in a forest-like setting.

Cute piglet child with fantasy elements

Image Description

A cute and whimsical piglet child with large, expressive eyes and white curly hair, resembling a fairy-tale character. The child is dressed in a purple shirt featuring a playful design and is sitting on a forest floor, surrounded by lush greenery. The character holds a black pot while looking towards the viewer with an innocent and curious expression, creating a charming fantasy feel.


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Generation Parameters

⭐Masterpiece Illustration, high quality, high resolution 16k, a painting of a baby pig with a smile on it's face and big ears sitting on a Sunny meadow, , (fisheye camera), funny cartoon trend in Art Station, playful smile, surprised, very cute facial features, small size, big pointed ears, art style, oil and watercolor painting
Negative Prompt
(bad quality:1.2), (worst quality: 1.2), text, watermark, low-quality, signature, moir pattern, downsampling, aliasing, distorted, blurry, glossy, blur, jpeg artifacts, compression artifacts, poorly drawn, low-resolution, bad, distortion, twisted, excessive, exaggerated pose, exaggerated limbs, grainy, symmetrical, duplicate, error, pattern, beginner, pixelated, fake, glitch, ng_deepnegative_v1_75t, overexposed, high-contrast, bad-contrast,charturnerv2
SamplerDPM++ 2M Karras
ModelDucHaiten-Pony-XL (no-score) pony-no-score_v4.0
CFG scale7

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