A cyborg warrior with glowing red eyes and futuristic armor kneeling on a lava battlefield. AI generated image using Stable Diffusion.

Cyborg warrior on lava battlefield

Image Description

A cyborg warrior with glowing red eyes, encased in sleek, futuristic armor, kneels on a battlefield of fiery lava. The scene is filled with intense action, with flames and embers swirling around the warrior, who has a determined expression on their face. The dark, smoky backdrop contrasts vividly with the bright orange and red of the lava, creating a dramatic and otherworldly setting. The warrior’s suit seems to be adaptable to intense heat, hinting at advanced robotic technology.


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Generation Parameters

(landscape focus), glowing, aura, energy, power, flying debris, aesthetic, ((ice)) <lora:r1ge - AnimeRage:0.82>,,  <lora:tangbohu-detailmaker_v2.5:0.72>, (SFW), (((score_9, score_8_up, score_7_up))), (1Woman:1.51), (solo:1.51),
Amidst a desolate, scorched landscape, a woman is locked in a titanic struggle. Fiery energy courses through her veins, mutating and permeating her body, warping her limbs into a grotesque fusion of flesh and bio-mechanical power. The energy flows like an incandescent ooze, coating her skin and hardening into metallic plates that pulse with a malevolent, otherworldly light. Her hair, once flowing and human, now flickers like a fiery halo, each strand a living flame.
She is half-embedded in the cracked earth, one side of her body already transformed, gleaming with a biomechanical sheen. Her free arm, sinewy and clawed, digs into the ground, muscles straining against the relentless force that seeks to consume her entirely. The soil around her glows with an eerie heat, sizzling and smoking under the intensity of her transformation.
Her face contorts in a grimace of agony and determination, eyes blazing with a mix of terror and newfound power. She grits her teeth, every fiber of her being fighting against the force that seeks to claim her. Her legs, still partially human, kick and thrash, sending up showers of dirt and sparks as they struggle for purchase.
The air around her vibrates with the raw energy of her metamorphosis, a cacophony of mechanical whirs and organic groans. Her heart pounds with the rhythm of a war drum, each beat a testament to her defiance. Despite the overwhelming power threatening to engulf her, she clings to the earth, her will unbroken.
Half free, half transformed, she is a living battleground, a fusion of humanity and monstrous power, poised on the brink of an unimaginable fate. The fiery energy envelops her like a second skin, both empowering and consuming, as she fights to retain her last vestiges of self against the all-consuming force.
Negative Prompt
(2 heads:1.81), (((score_6_down, score_5_down, score_4_down))), (((NSFW))), (NegfeetV2:0.91), (badhandv4:0.91), (verybadimagenegative_v1.3:0.55), (easynegative:0.55), (open mouth, teeth, closed eyes), ((overly busy scene)), (simple scene), (plain background), (simple background), (poorly detailed anatomy:1.27), (imperfect anatomy:1.27), (flawed anatomy:1.27),
SamplerLMS Karras
Model_Image generation V10 with VAE
CFG scale7.4

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