A dark figure in a hooded robe holding a sword with glowing yellow eyes and a background of fiery colors, an AI generated image using Stable Diffusion.

Dark Figure in Hooded Robe

Image Description

A menacing dark figure standing in the foreground, shrouded in a hooded robe that conceals their face, leaving only glowing yellow eyes visible. The figure holds a sword tightly in one hand. The background is a chaotic blend of fiery colors, with flames and dark smoke adding to the ominous atmosphere. The colors range from deep blues and blacks to vibrant oranges and yellows, enhancing the dramatic and intense mood of the scene.


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Generation Parameters

close-up of Shadow Assassin Erebus, enigmatic, in shadows, dark hooded eyes, black tactical clothing, scars visible, stealthy, ancient runes on daggers, tension in air, hidden menace
, the scene is captured in dimly lit dark fantasy but vibrant colors, with bold ink lines defining form against the watercolor wash of the aged paper
Negative Prompt
BadDream, worst quality, low quality, normal quality, monochrome, grayscale, (navel, lace), text, signature, watermark
SamplerDPM++ 2M Karras
ModelNightVisionXL v0.8.1.1
CFG scale3.5

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