Fantasy character dressed as a dragon warrior with a mosaic-like costume, horns, and wings. AI generated image using stable diffusion.

Dragon warrior with elaborate costume

Image Description

An awe-inspiring fantasy character with a dragon-like appearance, featuring an intricate mosaic costume adorned with vibrant red jewels. The headgear includes elaborate horns, leaf motifs, and bat-like wings. This dragon warrior has green skin with a cracked pattern resembling scales and intense red eyes, emanating a powerful medieval fantasy aura.


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Generation Parameters

Paper mache representation of (Understandable Vector image:1.3) of (Realistic:1.3),(Amusing:1.3) Eucalyptus, intricate, beautiful, symmetric,  interconnected regions,     Ruby,     Bronze, Diamond, Topas,  Mosaic,  Topography,   Ring, Fractal, Person,   Branches,   Tattooed Skin: Body art created with ink injected into the skin.,Cryptic Cipher: A coded message or document that conceals hidden information.,Scales: Protective, often metallic scales covering the body, like those of dragons.,Valleys: Low areas of land between hills or mountains, often with a river running through them. <lora:Anime Summer Days Style SDXL_LoRA_Pony Diffusion V6 XL:1>,(by Artist Vittorio Reggianini:1.3),(Flat style:1.3),Illustration,Behance,(Neo-Fauvism:1.3),(Grayscale:1.3), 3D, sculptural, textured, handmade, vibrant, fun
Negative Prompt
2D, flat, photo, sketch, digital art, deformed, noisy, blurry, (Watermark:1.5),(Text:1.3),watermark,signature
SamplerDPM++ 2M Karras
CFG scale5.5

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