A detailed AI-generated image of a dystopian cityscape featuring a lone silhouette in a dark and fiery scene, created using Stable Diffusion.

Dystopian Cityscape with Silhouette

Image Description

A dystopian cityscape illuminated by eerie red and purple hues. The sky is gradient from dark blue to a faint sunrise pink. Tall, gothic structures with numerous windows evoke a sense of bleakness. In the foreground, a lone silhouette, possibly a woman, stands in shallow waters reflecting the ominous red light from an unseen source behind her. The scene has a dramatic and foreboding atmosphere, highlighting themes of solitude and desolation.


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Generation Parameters

The city carved a silhouette, on the ocean after dark, over the lonely and the holy and the red blood beating hearts, from the dirty black water, a shadow void of form, raised itself out of the river, and it climb upon the shore
Negative Prompt
negative_hand, NegfeetV2, bad anatomy,blurry,(worst quality:1.8),low quality,hands bad,face bad,(normal quality:1.3),bad hands,mutated hands and fingers,extra legs,extra arms,duplicate,cropped,text,jpeg,artifacts,signature,watermark,username,blurry,artist name,trademark,title,multiple view,Reference sheet,long body,multiple breasts,mutated,bad anatomy,disfigured,bad proportions,duplicate,bad feet,artist name,ugly,text font ui,missing limb,monochrome,
SamplerDPM++ 2M Karras
ModelAnimagine XL V3.1 v3.1
CFG scale7

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