Highly detailed portrait of a fantasy elf warrior, AI generated using Stable Diffusion

Elf Warrior Detail Portrait

Image Description

A highly detailed and realistic portrait of a fantasy elf warrior. The elf has long, flowing hair with light and darker shades and sharp, expressive blue eyes. She has pointed ears and wears tribal face paint with red and blue geometric patterns on her cheeks. Adorned with intricate golden earrings and a decorative choker, she is clothed in a detailed, armored outfit with a nature-like backdrop indicating a forest setting.


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Generation Parameters

Female Elf, portrait, close up of face, fantasy, druid, hair dreadlocks, tribal, wood elf. war paint, rugged, fierce
Negative Prompt
black and white, cropped,  (worst quality:1.5), (low quality:1.5), (normal quality:1.5), bad anatomy, bad hands, multiple eyebrow, (cropped), extra limb, missing limbs, deformed hands, long neck, long body, (bad hands), signature, username, artist name, conjoined fingers, deformed fingers, unnatural face, unnatural body, error
SamplerDPM++ 2M
ModelAniVerse V3.0
CFG scale7

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