Fantasy alleyway with cobblestone street, medieval architecture, and warm street lamps created using AI and Stable Diffusion.

Fantasy Alleyway with Cobblestone Street

Image Description

A fantasy-themed alleyway with cobblestone street illuminated by warm yellow street lamps. The medieval architecture of the buildings features detailed wooden doors, windows with patterned glass, and stone arches. The path is flanked by ornate lamp posts and small stone steps leading up to wooden doorways. Overhead, strings of lights and dark blue sky with tall, shadowy buildings create a mysterious yet inviting ambiance.


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Generation Parameters

masterpiece, best quality, absuredres, dwarvenworld, alleyway, black iron, cut stone, underground, shadows, lanterns
Negative Prompt
text, watermark, logo, signature, easynegative, nsfw, nipples, copper, gold
SamplerDPM++ 2M Karras
ModelJuggernaut Reborn
CFG scale7

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