A fantasy-style portrait of a woman adorned with a hat made of various mushrooms, created using Stable Diffusion AI.

Fantasy Portrait with Mushroom Hat

Image Description

A fantastical and detailed portrait featuring a woman with striking, expressive eyes and intricate face makeup. Her head is adorned with a hat made entirely of various mushrooms, including large red-capped varieties with white spots, and smaller, earthy mushrooms interspersed with foliage. Her dark hair flows beneath the mushroom hat, creating a captivating, almost magical atmosphere. The color palette is rich with hues of red, brown, and cream, giving the image a warm, earthy tone.


Please note that the image provided has been generated by AI using a model uploaded by the user. Diffus offers the cloud-based platform that facilitates the generation process; however, we do not claim ownership of the model nor do we hold the licensing rights to it. Users are responsible for ensuring that their use of this image and the related model complies with the applicable licensing agreements.

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Generation Parameters

girl, sexy, pretty mushroom, love, double exposure steampunk style, amazing depth,high resolution, sharp, 4k, realistic,
Negative Prompt
(low quality:1.3), (worst quality:1.3), clean, ugly, nude,
SamplerDPM++ 2M
CFG scale3.5

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