A fantasy warrior female with dark hair in elaborate medieval armor stands amidst a battleground holding a sword. Detailed, with a background of soldiers and flags, emphasizing AI-generated imagery using stable diffusion.

Fantasy warrior female in medieval armor

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A fantasy female warrior with porcelain skin and dark hair styled in an updo, wearing intricate medieval armor adorned with gold details. She stands confidently amidst a battleground scene with soldiers in similar elaborate armor and a large red flag with a golden eagle emblem in the background. The setting is misty with distant warships and an atmospheric backdrop, evoking an epic and medieval ambiance.


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Generation Parameters

Masterpiece, Realistic (full body:1.9) photo, perfect quality of view from the distance:
Beautiful 25yo Roman empress (Eva Green) standing in Fitting, tight dark grey futuristic military uniform. She has prominent jaw and aquiline nose, Blue eyes and Dark hair in a bun with a subtle golden circlet. Serious look.
She radiates respect and dignity.
In the background is a large red Roman empire flag with eagle taking up most of the view. in a Gothic space ship in space. In front of crowd of people.
Dark and desperate mood scifi, warhammer 40K Propaganda. View from below.
Cinematic, dark mood, high resolution, high detailed face, detailed background, detailed face, outdoor light, Cinematic Lighting, bokeh
Negative Prompt
makeup, worst quality, low quality, compression glitches, extra fingers, JuggernautNegative, squinting, extra arms, realisticvision-negative-embedding, deformed,
SamplerDPM++ 2M Karras
ModelJib Mix Realistic XL v12.0 The Last Huzzah
CFG scale2.5

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