A smiling female police officer in a blue uniform, standing against a warm sunset backdrop. This is an AI-generated image using Stable Diffusion.

female police officer at sunset

Image Description

A smiling female police officer in a blue uniform, featuring a badge on her chest and sleeve. The officer wears a matching blue cap adorned with an emblem. Her attire includes a utility belt with various tools and accessories. The background displays a serene sunset with warm hues of orange and pink fading into a gentle twilight sky.


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Generation Parameters

masterpiece,best quality, highly detailed, score_9, score_8_up, score_7_up, score_6_up, source_cartoon, rating_safe, BREAK, dark hawaiian beauty, gorgeous face, college-aged, skimming dramatic lighting, brown skin, fit girl body, police sheriff , sherrif hat, holster, outside, posing, smile nice, dominantly, hands in side
Negative Prompt
score_4, score_5, score_6, (lesbians),futanari,extra fingers,distorted hands,distorted fingers, muscular,low quality, lowres, bad anatomy,worst quality, simple background, censored,text,signature,  lineless,watermark,signature, logo, source_anime, FastNegativeEmbedding,  low-quality, moir pattern, downsampling, aliasing, distorted, blurry, glossy, blur, jpeg artifacts, compression artifacts, poorly drawn, low-resolution, bad, distortion, twisted, excessive, exaggerated pose, exaggerated limbs, mixed characters, grainy, symmetrical, duplicate, error, pattern, beginner, pixelated, fake, hyper, glitch, overexposed, high-contrast, bad-contrast, black and white, NegfeetV2, messy, Deformed, Deformed face, Deformed fingers, Deformed hands, Out of frame, Poorly drawn face, Poorly drawn feet, Poorly drawn hands, Draft, Grainy, Kitsch, Low-res, old, sketch, black and white, doujinshi, exaggerated anatomy, horns
SamplerEuler a
ModelPony Diffusion V6 XL V6 (start with this one)
CFG scale4

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