Anthropomorphic furry couple in a loving embrace, generated using Stable Diffusion AI.

Furry Couple in Embrace

Image Description

Anthropomorphic furry couple in a loving embrace. The male character has blue hair, fox-like features, and is dressed in a blue robe with detailed textures. The female character has long, white hair, sheep-like features, and wears a red dress adorned with fur around the shoulders. Both characters are set against a natural backdrop with greenery and muted earth tones.


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Generation Parameters

Happy furry girl hugs a furry man. The girl is an anthro sheep wearing a dress. The man is an anthro coyote. Fantasy art, (manga:1.2) <lora:add_detail:1.0>
Negative Prompt
embedding:boring_e621_fluffyrock_v4, embedding:deformityv6
CFG scale7

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