A futuristic anime cyberpunk girl with long pink and blue hair, dressed in a shiny black bodysuit with glowing neon accents. Emphasize this is an AI generated image using Stable Diffusion.

Futuristic Anime Cyberpunk Girl

Image Description

Futuristic anime cyberpunk girl with long, flowing pink and blue hair. She is dressed in a tight, shiny black bodysuit with glowing neon accents, exuding a cyberpunk vibe. Her gloves and accessories also feature bright neon colors. She stands against a dark background filled with colorful light streaks, giving an energetic, high-tech atmosphere.


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Generation Parameters

1girl, 25 years old, ( perfectly beautiful face,  blue eyes 1.2, long eyelashes, gorgeous long hair, Hair, sexy clothes,white(color rainbow) ultrathin1.2, Latex 1.2, ,glowing-neon-colour-clothing, blue, green, pink, orange, red, yellow, Purple, stockings, 
Dancing, happy, laughs, commitment to excellence, bright neon light1.3, shiny skin, holographic,pureerosface_v1/Best quality ,16K,a high resolution, lucy \(cyberpunk, stellar, Masterpiece,иллюстрация, much detailed, Futurism, pureerosface_v1, shirtlift,
Negative Prompt
bad anatomy, disfigured face, poorly drawn face, FastNegativeV2, mutated, extra limb,UnrealisticDream ugly, BadDream, poorly drawn arms, missing limb, FastNegativeV2, UnrealisticDream, floating limbs, disconnected limbs, detached head, negative_handnegative_hand, mutated hands and fingers, FastNegativeV2, FastNegativeV2, worse quality, testicles, low quality, mutation, UnrealisticSleep, pureerosface_v1disappearing hands,
SamplerDPM++ 2M Karras
ModelMeinaHentai V4
CFG scale7

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