A futuristic cityscape with a woman standing on a platform overlooking a city filled with high-tech buildings and flying spaceships using AI-generated Stable Diffusion techniques.

Futuristic Cityscape with Sci-Fi Elements

Image Description

A futuristic cityscape viewed from above, with a woman standing on a high platform overlooking a sprawling metropolis filled with illuminated skyscrapers and high-tech buildings. Behind her, a beam of light shoots into the sky, and several flying spaceships hover around. The scene combines elements of cyberpunk aesthetics with advanced technology and sci-fi elements, creating a striking and immersive atmosphere.


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Generation Parameters

(Masterpiece, Best Quality), 8k Wallpaper, highly detailed, poster, vintage sci-fi film, 1960s, a magazine cover with sexy giant nurse towering over a tiny city, a portrait by Paul Kane, cinematic movie poster, perfect face, colorful hair, Attack of the 50 foot woman, giant woman, tiny city, lines, abstract, mid century modern, movie poster, vintage, white nurse uniform, stiletto high heel shoes, tiny destroyed skyscrapers city, retrofuturism, pulp sci fi, pulp sci-fi, 60's pulp illustration, scifi pulp, pulp book cover art, pulp scifi, old retro pulp comic cover, pulp science fiction, pulp scifi illustration, vintage scifi, skyscrapers sized under her knee
Negative Prompt
(bad hands, bad anatomy, bad body, bad face, bad teeth, bad arms, bad legs, deformities:1.3) (ugly hands, ugly anatomy, ugly body, ugly face, ugly teeth, ugly arms, ugly legs, deformities:1.3) ugly fingers, bad fingers, (((ugly nipples, bad nipples, deformed nipples))), (((Bad teeth, ugly teeth)))
SamplerDPM++ 2M Karras
ModelDreamShaper 8
CFG scale7

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