A detailed geometric lion sculpture in vibrant low poly art, created using AI and Stable Diffusion.

Geometric Lion Sculpture in Low Poly Art

Image Description

A majestic lion sculpture depicted in a geometric style with a low poly art technique. The sculpture features vibrant colors with facets of turquoise, blue, and orange, creating a mesmerizing effect. The lion wears a series of red gemstones on its chest, adding a regal accent. The background includes a symmetrical archway and mountainous landscape bathed in a soft gradient of orange and green hues.


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Generation Parameters

low-poly style, (Gorgeous Vector image:1.3) of (Sketch:1.3),(Proud:1.3) Crimson,  beautiful, symmetric, polygon,  elements,   Emerald,  Sapphire, Amber,  Silver, Bronze, Diamond,    Regular pattern,  Animal,  Ring, Fractal,    Branches,  embroidery, Black Marble: A type of marble with a deep black color, used in architecture and sculpture.,Bronze Statues: Sculptures made from bronze, often depicting deities, notable figures, or animals. <lora:Anime Summer Days Style SDXL_LoRA_Pony Diffusion V6 XL:1>,(by Artist Michael Whelan:1.3),(Flat style:1.3),Illustration,Behance,(Classical Realism:1.3),(Vivid Colors:1.3), low-poly game art, polygon mesh, jagged, blocky, wireframe edges, centered composition
Negative Prompt
noisy, sloppy, messy, grainy, highly detailed, ultra textured, photo, (Watermark:1.5),(Text:1.3),watermark,signature
SamplerEuler a
CFG scale7

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