A giant robot leading a battlefield with smaller robots in a futuristic warfare setting, generated by AI using stable diffusion.

Giant Robot in Futuristic Battle Scene

Image Description

A giant robot dominates the center of a chaotic battlefield, clad in dark green and red armor. It is surrounded by smaller robots engaging in a fierce battle. The background is lit by blazing fires and tumultuous skies filled with lightning. The giant robot, armed and menacing, seems to command the scene, advancing boldly with clenched fists and weapons at the ready. The setting is dark and intense, with a strong sense of urgency and danger.


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Generation Parameters

A grim, rain-soaked battlefield where Space Marines and their allies make a desperate stand against an overwhelming horde of Nurgle beasts. The ground is muddy and littered with the bodies of the fallen, and the sky is filled with dark clouds and flashes of lightning. The scene is one of grim determination and heroic sacrifice, set against the backdrop of relentless, apocalyptic warfare, 
in the style of decaying animatronic, claymation, VHS screen grab, grainy, old footage, in the style of an old 80's VHS dark fantasy, VHS screen grab, grainy, old footage
, the scene is captured in dimly lit dark fantasy but vibrant colors, with bold ink lines defining form against the watercolor wash of the aged paper
Negative Prompt
BadDream, worst quality, low quality, normal quality, monochrome, grayscale, (navel, lace), text, signature, watermark
SamplerDPM++ 2M Karras
ModelNightVisionXL NightVisionXL_v9.0.0
CFG scale3.5

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