A gothic-style portrait of a girl with a bob haircut, dressed in dark clothing, surrounded by green leaves. AI generated using Stable Diffusion.

Gothic portrait of a girl with bob haircut

Image Description

A gothic-style portrait of a young girl with a straight bob haircut and blunt bangs, dressed in a formal black and white outfit with a maroon trim. Her expression is solemn, with large, dark eyes that give a slightly eerie feel. The background is a simple beige, accentuated by lush, green leaves surrounding her, giving the composition a combined sense of elegance and ominousness. The overall style has a flat, illustrative quality with smooth lines and muted color tones.


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Generation Parameters

(oil hand painting) of a serious wooden puppet harlequin with clothes and messy dark hair, there are many leaves on the background, background is dark.
tenebrism style,
Negative Prompt
photography, studio photography, happy, colorful,
SamplerDPM++ 2M
ModelJuggernaut Reborn
CFG scale7

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