GP Optionaltypo style Pony XL – v10

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Recommended Prompts

color_theme: purple theme,color_theme: blue theme,color_theme: pink theme
score_9,score_8_up,score_7_up,score_6_up,score_5_up,score_4_up,(source_anime),<lora:[GP] Optionaltypo style [Pony XL]:1.0> 1girl,looking at viewer

Recommended Negative Prompts

aidxlv05_neg,negative_v2,negativeXL_D,3D,censored,greyscale,skin fold

Recommended Parameters

samplers Euler a
steps 30
cfg 7
clip skip 2
vae sdxl_vae_PONY
resolution 512×768, 1024×1536

Recommended Hires (High-Resolution) Parameters

upscaler RealESRGAN 4x+
upscale 2
steps 10
denoising strength 0.3-0.45

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Lora based on the works of optionaltypo.

Trained on Pony XL v6.

Recommend for AutismMix DPO.

Can improve images by applying color_theme
example: purple theme, blue theme, pink theme, etc.

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An anime-style illustration of a beautiful woman with long brown hair braided to the side, wearing a yellow dress. AI generated image using Stable Diffusion.

GP Optionaltypo style Pony XL - v10

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Model TypeLORA
Base ModelPony
Model Hash65f4e48402
Model Versionv10
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