Juggernaut – Reborn

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(worst quality,low quality,normal quality,lowres,low details,oversaturated,undersaturated,overexposed,underexposed,grayscale,bw,bad photo,bad photography,bad art:1.4),(watermark,signature,text font,username,error,logo,words,letters,digits,autograph,trademark,name:1.2),(blur,blurry,grainy),morbid,ugly,asymmetrical,mutated malformed,mutilated,poorly lit,bad shadow,draft,cropped,out of frame,cut off,censored,jpeg artifacts,out of focus,glitch,duplicate,(airbrushed,cartoon,anime,semi-realistic,cgi,render,blender,digital art,manga,amateur:1.3),(3D,3D Game,3D Game Scene,3D Character:1.1),(bad hands,bad anatomy,bad body,bad face,bad teeth,bad arms,bad legs,deformities:1.3)

Recommended Parameters

samplers DPM++ 2M Karras
steps 35
cfg 7
resolution 512×768

Recommended Hires (High-Resolution) Parameters

upscaler 4xNMKD Siax 200k
upscale 2
steps 15
denoising strength 0.5

Version Highlights

Took a Small Part of the JuggernautXL Model and trained it on the Version “Juggernaut Final”
I updated the epicRealism Model in the Merge and scratched the RPG and Diva Model

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Absolute Reality (0.18)

epiCRealism V3 (0.2)

Humans (0.15)

Better Portrait Lighting (0.2)

RPG 5 (0.38)

Divas (0.15)

And of course the NinjaFix made by @chillpixel

Thanks all those Creators for their hard work 🙂

Of Course you can run “Juggernaut” on Tensor.Art


Merry Christmas, everyone.

As a little Christmas gift for you all, I’ve been working on a new version for the SD 1.5 version of Juggernaut in my spare time for the past few weeks.

I took a small portion of the JuggernautXL dataset and trained it on SD 1.5 (Base Juggernaut Final), while also updating the epiCRealism model in the merge. However, the RPG and Diva models that were added in the ‘Aftermath’ version have been removed.

Images were created with the following settings:


Sampler: DPM++ 2M Karras

Steps: 35

CFG: 7

HiRes Fix:

Sampler: 4xNMKD Siax 200k

Steps: 15

Denoise: 0.5

Upscale: 2

Lastly, the recipe for the last Juggernaut (Aftermath) version on SD 1.5:

SD 1.5 Base

Training Set 1 (0.65)

Skin Enhancer (0.15)

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Juggernaut - Reborn

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Base ModelSD 1.5
Model Hash338b85bc4f
Model VersionReborn
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