A dark medieval tavern scene with a group of people gathered around a table, illuminated by colorful hanging lanterns, created using Stable Diffusion.

Medieval Feast in a Tavern

Image Description

In a dimly lit medieval tavern, a diverse group of individuals gathers around a wooden table laden with food and drinks. The warm glow of colorful lanterns hanging from the ceiling casts a cozy atmosphere over the scene. The attendees, dressed in rustic attire, are engaged in lively conversation and dining. Bottles of various beverages and plates of food adorn the table. The backdrop of wooden walls and a small window enhances the authentic tavern ambiance.


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Generation Parameters

Adventurers of all kinds gathered around a large table in the inn, clinking glass soda bottles together in a toast. The inn is brightly lit with colorful lanterns, and the walls are adorned with soda-themed decorations., 
in the style of hauntingly atmospheric dark fantasy, VHS, horror, 80's horror with vibrant colors
, the scene is captured in dimly lit dark fantasy but vibrant colors, with bold ink lines defining form against the watercolor wash of the aged paper
Negative Prompt
BadDream, worst quality, low quality, normal quality, monochrome, grayscale, (navel, lace), text, signature, watermark
SamplerDPM++ 2M Karras
ModelNightVisionXL v0.8.1.1
CFG scale3.5

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