Muscular anthropomorphic tiger wearing a police uniform with glasses and a surprised expression highlighting anime style art created using Stable Diffusion.

Muscular Anthropomorphic Tiger in Police Uniform

Image Description

A muscular anthropomorphic tiger wearing a blue police uniform. The tiger has white fur with black stripes and an intense, focused expression. The character is wearing glasses, and a police hat adorned with a badge. The uniform shirt is unbuttoned, revealing a well-defined chest with visible scars and nipple piercings. The lighting accentuates the tiger’s muscles, adding depth to the anime-style art. A speech bubble with a question mark near the tiger’s head suggests confusion or surprise.


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Generation Parameters

<lora:Anime Summer Days Style SDXL_LoRA_Pony Diffusion V6 XL:1>,
<lora:Mountain_Arknights_Pony__MontanLover167:0.8>,(scar across eye,scar on chest,scar on body),(male white tiger),muscular male,white tiger,thick eyebrows,white hair,
upper body,abs,(huge pecs),nipples,(nipple rings:1.2),
crossed arms,?,question mark,looking at viewer,
((detailed sweat, sweat drop,bodily fluids)),
( police_uniform, police cap),(sunglasses),
Negative Prompt
boring_sdxl_v1,(((mutant, female,clitoris))),((worst quality)),boring_e621_fluffyrock_v4,NegfeetV2,EasyNegative,bad-hands-5,
((missing limbs, missing arm, missing leg,extra limb,disconnected limbs,extra arms,)),(broken, broken background, simple background),
((word,logo,watermark,text, patreon logo, signature, messy background, messy)),mosaic censoring,frown,
SamplerEuler a
CFG scale7

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