A mysterious landscape with a moonlit river, rocky shore, and castle silhouette in the background. Generated using Stable Diffusion AI.

Mysterious Landscape with Moonlit River

Image Description

A breathtaking mysterious landscape featuring a winding river illuminated by moonlight, with rocky shores on both sides. In the background, a castle silhouette emerges from mist, set against a mountainous horizon. The sky is filled with dark clouds partially obstructing the moon, creating an eerie yet captivating atmosphere.


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Generation Parameters

water landscape, from the Dragonlance,  (light mood masterpiece Photography by Mario Giacomelli:1.2),high quality, 8K Ultra HD, full depth of field and realistic textures, colorful, atmospheric haze, Film grain, cinematic film still, highly detailed, high budget, cinemascope, moody, epic, Overall Detail, 2000s vintage RAW photo, photorealistic, candid camera, color graded cinematic, atmospheric lighting, imperfections, natural
Negative Prompt
ModelNightVisionXL v0.8.1.1
CFG scale1

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