A mysterious woman dressed in traditional attire with an ornate headpiece and a red and gold embroidered veil. AI generated image using Stable Diffusion.

Mysterious Woman in Traditional Veil

Image Description

Mysterious woman with deep, captivating eyes, dressed in traditional attire. She wears an ornate headpiece adorned with a red gem at the center, and a red and gold embroidered veil that drapes elegantly over her dark hair. The lighting creates an intimate and enigmatic atmosphere, highlighting her flawless features and the intricate details of her attire.


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Generation Parameters

(Soft Lighting Photography by Mimoza Veliu and Mario Giacomelli:1.2), NSFW, Ancient Arabian costume, beautiful girl, side soft light, Dark environment, black over black, highly detailed,  masterful painting in the style of Anders Zorn and  Aleksi Briclot, oil on canvas
Negative Prompt
worst quality, extra fingers, missing fingers, poorly rendered hands, mutation, deformed iris, deformed pupils, deformed limbs, missing limbs, amputee, amputated limbs, watermark, logo , text, piercing, big eyes , teeth, cartoon, shallow depth of field, makeup
ModelZavyChromaXL v7.0
CFG scale3

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