A stunning AI-generated image of a mystical woman with mesmerizing blue eyes, surrounded by a captivating and ethereal environment, created using Stable Diffusion.

Mystical Woman in Ethereal Art

Image Description

A mesmerizing depiction of a mystical woman with striking blue eyes and a wistful expression. Her dark, wavy hair blends seamlessly with the fantastical, swirling environment that seems to envelop her. Flecks of light and vibrant colors reflect off her flowing attire, adding to the ethereal and dreamlike atmosphere. The background features intertwining, ribbon-like structures and delicate foliage bathed in a soft, diffused light, enhancing the overall mystical and enchanting quality of the scene.


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Generation Parameters

1girl,witch,black mini hat,(dress:1.3),heterochromia,((half_body_under_water)),(firefly:1.3),colorful bubble,(forest:1.2),sunny light,huge breasts,(nipple slip:1.3),wet_dress,see-through,colourful_background,photograph,official art,unity 8k wallpaper,ultra_detailed,beatiful and aesthetic,beautiful,masterpiece,best quality,8k,insane detail,hyper detailed,hyper quality,high detailed,ultra detailed,(ResplendentLight:0.5),(iridescence:0.7),glamor,,,,,,,,<lora:liuli3-000005_0.5_EXCEPTFACE+liuli2_0.3:0.7>,<lora:ResplendentLight_20231025134205:0.5>,<lora:LCM_LoRA_Weights_SD15:1>,<lora:add_detail:1>,<lora:SyFyEye1_XL_v1.0:1>,<lora:ip-adapter-faceid-plusv2_sd15_lora:1>,<lora:oil2.0_2-512-64:1>
Negative Prompt
(fused fingers),malformed limbs,(disfigured:1.331),missing fingers,(((extra arms and legs))),(morbid:1.21),(mutilated:1.21),lowres,normal quality,AS-Young-neg,ng_deepnegative_v1_75t,bad_pictures,badhandv4,easynegative,
CFG scale2

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