AI generated image using Stable Diffusion showcasing a night cityscape with an illuminated skyscraper, surrounded by other tall buildings with lights.

Night cityscape with illuminated skyscraper

Image Description

A night view of a city street with towering skyscrapers. The tallest building in the center is illuminated with bright, white lights, making it the focal point of the image. Surrounding the central skyscraper are other tall buildings with windows glowing warmly, depicting a lively urban environment. Cars are visible on the street below, indicating a moderate amount of traffic. The sky above is clear and dark, highlighting the city lights and the overall grandeur of the architecture.


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Generation Parameters

[(very wideangled photograph) , (panoramic photograph), (deco-photograph including extremely sharp and rigid lines, every structure exhibits matching geometry), (([background:] (Shiny black, extremely tall, imposing), (central office tower flanked by perfectly symmetrical wings or side buildings) , (rigid oppressively symetrical, evenly balanced, layered facades: tiered layers in the building design, with each successive layer receding slightly)), (([midground/ centerstage:] black and grey, tall thin metalic houses and shops with the same symetry and geometry as the buildings in the background)), (([foreground / closest to viewer:] (Sleek symetrical robots project) (low opacity holographic advertisements in the air above the streets and pavements), (people have holographic halos and very low opacity beams of light filled with datastreams, projected from above, into their heads), 
[(Frame shots so that strong diagonal lines lead towards the central, tallest parts of the buildings, reinforcing their imposing nature),(themes of dystopia and cyberpunk styles), (low upward diagonally angled spotlighting), double exposure, multiple exposure, layers overlayed,) 
epiCNegative, epiCRealism, Photographer Martin Kimbell Style ]
Negative Prompt
watermark, low-quality, worst quality, signature, monochrome, 3d, censored, furry, animal, lores, worst quality, mosaic, painting, drawing, cartoon, airbrush, cgi look, anime, cartoon, Obscured face, Distorted face, Blurred face, Hidden face, Unrealistic face, undetailed face
SamplerDPM2 a
Model🟡STOIQO NewRealityXL ✔ XL 4.0
CFG scale2.5

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