A portrait of a young woman with a bob haircut, wearing a white strapless top, standing against a rustic wall. AI generated image using Stable Diffusion.

Portrait of a young woman

Image Description

A detailed portrait featuring a young woman with short, bob-styled brown hair, soft bangs, and expressive eyes. She is wearing a white, strapless top, exuding a serene and contemplative expression. The background showcases a rustic, industrial-style wall with peeling paint, and large windows, casting soft natural light onto the scene. The overall ambiance is calm and minimalistic, and the composition focuses on the woman’s facial features and the texture of the background.


Please note that the image provided has been generated by AI using a model uploaded by the user. Diffus offers the cloud-based platform that facilitates the generation process; however, we do not claim ownership of the model nor do we hold the licensing rights to it. Users are responsible for ensuring that their use of this image and the related model complies with the applicable licensing agreements.

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Generation Parameters

<lora:AtomicBayRealBMix-001:1> beautiful girl bare shoulder
Negative Prompt
ModelJuggernaut Reborn
CFG scale5

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