Shiny oiled skin 20 LyCORISLoRA – v20 LyCORIS

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Recommended Prompts

Shiny_skin,Tan / Dark_skin,Oiled_skin,Glistening_skin,High_contrast,Perfect_lighting
(shiny skin:1.1),oiled skin,nsfw,1girl,pussy,high contrast,orgasm,high quality)

Recommended Negative Prompts

EasyNegative,(worst quality,low quality:1.2),signature,watermark,username,(loli:1.2)

Recommended Parameters

samplers DPM++ SDE Karras
steps 20
cfg 9
vae ClearVAE
resolution 512×704

Recommended Hires (High-Resolution) Parameters

upscaler SwinIR_4x
upscale 2
denoising strength 0.35


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If you need some girl’s muscles, you can refer to my other LoRA: Muscle girl

If you create any good images using this LoRA, please consider sharing them by leaving a review. Thank you!

2.0 update
This model has been changed to LyCORIS.

For people who do not use LyCORIS, I still provide a 2.0 version of LoRA, which has a different performance.

  • Update version 2.0, compared to version 1.0, there are changes in the representation of glossy skin, but it cannot guarantee to be overall better than 1.0.

  • Shiny_skin to trigger, use Tan / Dark_skin to deepen the skin tone.

  • Some prompts about lighting and skin can be used:

    Oiled_skin / Glistening_skin / High_contrast / Perfect_lighting / etc.

    However, since they are not been tagged in training images, they cannot be guaranteed to be always effective.

  • 2.0 removed most of the training images of muscular, so it won’t be a trigger word anymore.

  • I used ClearVAE to generate 2.0 sample images.

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Shiny oiled skin 20 LyCORISLoRA - v20 LyCORIS

Model details

Model TypeLoCon
Base ModelSD 1.5
Model Hashd453547b01
Model Versionv20 LyCORIS
Trained Wordsshiny skin
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