A silhouette of a person standing near the ocean, facing a magnificent sunset with a dramatic, glowing sky, created using Stable Diffusion AI.

Silhouette at Fantasy Sunset

Image Description

A dramatic scene of a silhouette of a person standing near the ocean’s edge, with the sky ablaze in warm tones of orange, pink, and purple illuminating the clouds. Stars and twinkling lights scatter across the scene, blending into the captivating sunset. The reflection of the fiery sky is visible on the ocean’s surface, enhancing the surreal, dreamy atmosphere.


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Generation Parameters

Fire on the beach
Face to the sky
The stars dance around like gods in disguise
The gold silhouette
You take off your clothes
And my heart feels the weight of all I don't know
Negative Prompt
negative_hand, NegfeetV2, bad anatomy,blurry,(worst quality:1.8),low quality,hands bad,face bad,(normal quality:1.3),bad hands,mutated hands and fingers,extra legs,extra arms,duplicate,cropped,text,jpeg,artifacts,signature,watermark,username,blurry,artist name,trademark,title,multiple view,Reference sheet,long body,multiple breasts,mutated,bad anatomy,disfigured,bad proportions,duplicate,bad feet,artist name,ugly,text font ui,missing limb,monochrome,
SamplerDPM++ 2M Karras
ModelAnimagine XL V3.1 v3.1
CFG scale7

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