Cartoon illustration of a spooky cat with purple markings standing in front of a haunted house at night, generated by AI using Stable Diffusion.

Spooky Cat with Haunted House

Image Description

A cartoon illustration depicting a large, white cat with purple markings standing confidently in the foreground. The cat’s eyes glow with an eerie light and its ears are perked up, adding to the spooky atmosphere. In the background, a haunted house levitates with eerie blue lighting, surrounded by bats flying under a full moon. Bare, twisted trees and scattered yellow flowers add depth and a sense of foreboding to the scene. A perfect concept for Halloween, blending a whimsical and spooky vibe.


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Generation Parameters

(pure white fur on body: 1.9), (pure white fur on legs:1.0), (desaturated-calico-color fur on head: 1.5), score_9,score_8_up,score_7_up, a quadruped purugly from pokemon, pure white fur, yellow eyes with eyelashes, cheeks have pink blush, pink nose, lying prone on a fluffy pillow, background is the interior of a witch's cottage, D4rC0m
Negative Prompt
(calico-colored fur on legs: 1.9), (calico-colored fur anywhere but head:1.9), (colorful fur on legs: 1.9), (colorful fur on body: 1.9), (score_4,score_5,score_3,score_2,score_1), furry, anthro, extra limbs, sexually suggestive, sexually explicit, calico fur on body, accessories, goggles, hats, mature content, explicit rating, sex toys, dildo, laying on back, items on head
SamplerEuler a
ModelPony Diffusion V6 XL V6 (start with this one)
CFG scale9

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