AI generated image using stable diffusion of a woman with short blonde hair in steampunk and gothic fashion, wearing ornate jewelry and a black lace top.

Steampunk Woman in Gothic Fashion

Image Description

Blonde woman with short, wavy hair styled in a tousled bob. Her makeup features dark, smoky eyeshadow and deep red lipstick. She wears intricate steampunk-inspired jewelry with clockwork and gear motifs. Her attire includes a black lace bustier with elaborate detailing and arm accessories, reflective of gothic fashion. The background is a lush garden with green foliage, providing a stark contrast to her bold appearance.


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Generation Parameters

(RAW photo), 4K, best quality, realistic, photorealistic, masterpiece, extremely detailed, an extremely delicate and beautiful, dynamic, realistic anatomy, great lighting, perfect shading, professional shading, depth of field, steampunk, beautiful girl, full body, french haute couture, side soft light, Dark environment, elegant, gorgeous, highly detailed,  detailed  blonde hair with dark roots,   ( short undercut hair, short hair, asymmetrical hair, shaved on the side), , perfect boobs,(very big natural boobs, heavy boobs, saggy boobs, sloppy boobs, very large areola), earings, 35mm, f1.4, dark smokey eyes, perfect eyes, dark lipstick,  erotic , erotic  outfit,well-endowed, full shot photo, uncropped, sensual,  perfect face, perfect anatomy,cute, beautiful, perfect beauty,amazing beauty, pure genious, absolutely perfect, perfect skin, gentle, highly detailed, breathtaking, clear skin, retrobigguns, french garden
Negative Prompt
realisticvision-negative-embedding , deformed hand, deformed fingers, extra digits, extra fingers, watermark, logo, fake boobs, implant, touching breasts, deformed face, holding boobs
SamplerDPM++ 2M Karras
ModelJib Mix Realistic XL v12.0 The Last Huzzah
CFG scale8

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