Styles for Pony Diffusion V6 XL Not Artists styles – Summer Days

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Recommended Prompts

Summer Night,Cold Oil Gothic,Digital Art
score_9,score_8_up,score_7_up,solo,looking at viewer

Recommended Negative Prompts

text,watermark,low-quality,signature,moiré pattern,downsampling,aliasing,distorted,blurry,glossy,blur,jpeg artifacts,compression artifacts,poorly drawn,low-resolution,bad,distortion,twisted,excessive,exaggerated pose,exaggerated limbs,grainy,symmetrical,duplicate,error,pattern,beginner,pixelated,fake,hyper,glitch,overexposed,high-contrast,bad-contrast

Recommended Parameters

samplers DPM++ 2M SDE Karras
steps 35
cfg 5
clip skip 0 – 1
resolution 768×1152


  • CLIP SKIP settings can vastly affect the output.
  • Use ‘Summer Night’ for dark themes and low light effects.
  • Tokens like ‘Cold Oil Gothic’ and ‘Concept Art Twilight’ enhance the artistic style.

Version Highlights

Repeats: 20

Epoch: 10

Image Count: 16

Network Rank: 32

Network Alpha: 16

Batch size: 2

Clip skip: 1

Training steps: 1600

Resolution: 960×1024

Train Resolution: 1024×1024

Model: ponyDiffusionV6XL_v6

WD14 Captioning


LoRA Weight: [0.8-1]

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This asset is designed to work best with the Pony Diffusion XL model, it will work with other SDXL models but may not look as intended.


-1 gray picture with noise and spots

-2 picture looks the same as in the preview

If you do not add the CLIP Set Last Layer node, the result will be exactly the same as -2.

(It will not work correctly with other SDXL checkpoints.)

Does not work with any other models!

except Pony Diffusion V6 XL or models with Pony Diffusion V6 XL in the merge!

You can of course use with other models you no one forbids it, but I do not guarantee a good result!

LoRAs without Trigger Words! but there are words used in training! (Some models have Trigger Words)

Tokens that can enhance the style or change it!

Summer Night – dark theme, low light,

Cold Oil/Cold Oil Gothic – oil painting, traditional media, realistic,

Cold Night – dark theme, low light,

Digital Art – digital art, realistic,

Concept Art/Concept Art Twilight – concept art, realistic, & concept art, horror (theme), monochrome, fog, realistic,

Oil Gothic – painting (medium), traditional media, realistic,

Gothic Art – painting (medium), traditional media, realistic,

Line Art – lineart, monochrome, greyscale,

Oil Painting – traditional media, realistic,

Photo/Photo 2 – RAW, photo, realistic,

The previews were made without using ADetailer


Smooth, Anime, Ink, Oil Painting, Photo, Line Art, Summer Days, Gothic Art, Concept Art ,Smooth 2, Anime 2, Digital Art, Rainbow, Photo 2, Cold Night, Cold Oil, Summer Days 2, Summer Night, Smooth Night, Gothic Art 2, Oil Painting Sharp, Impressionism Oil, Palette Knife


Smooth Anime – Smooth + Anime 50/50

Smooth Anime 2 – Smooth 2 + Anime 2 50/50

Smooth Anime Night – Smooth Night + Cold Night 50/50

Oil Gothic – Oil Painting + Gothic Art 50/50

Concept Art Twilight – Concept Art + Concept Art Dark (Unpublished) + Concept Art Negative (Unpublished) 35/35/30

Concept Art Eclipse – Concept Art + Concept Art Dark 2 (Unpublished) + Concept Art Negative 2 (Unpublished) 35/35/30

Cold Oil Gothic – Cold Oil + Gothic Art Sharp (Unpublished) 50/50

Eldritch Oil – Oil Painting Sharp + Impressionism Oil Painting + Palette Knife Painting 35/35/30

Styles are based partially or entirely on images created by the AI

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Model details

Model TypeLORA
Base ModelPony
Model Hash1f42c3e91c
Model VersionSummer Days
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