An AI generated image using stable diffusion showing an intricately designed underground palace with a central waterfall cascading from the cave ceiling into a pool below.

underground palace with waterfall

Image Description

Intricately designed underground palace with a central staircase leading to multiple levels adorned with carved railings and archways. A serene pool of water at the bottom glows under natural light from a cascading waterfall that pours down from the ceiling. Dense foliage and potted plants add a touch of nature amongst the stone structure, creating a harmonious blend of natural and man-made elements. The cave ceiling has openings allowing sunlight to filter in, illuminating the structure’s grandeur.


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Generation Parameters

(staircases and ramps twist and turn in impossible directions, leading to higher or lower levels within the village), (pillars support cavern ceilings adorned with intricate, swirling patterns), (aqueducts run along the walls, carrying water that cascades into small fountains and pools), (hanging gardens of exotic, twisted plants dangle from the ceilings, their roots exposed and intertwined), (the village's market area features elongated stalls with curved roofs, overflowing with bizarre, otherworldly goods), (Elevated walkways made crisscross the chambers), (pathways that seem to float in mid-air)
[alien cybergoth themed 32k photograph, uhd, ornately detailed, very detailed background]
realisticvision-negative-embedding, epiCNegative
Negative Prompt
low contrast, human, humanoid
SamplerDPM++ 3M SDE Exponential
ModelSDXL Yamer's Realistic 5 👁‍🗨🖼️📷 V5 + RunDiffusion
CFG scale30

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