Underwater scenery featuring a vibrant coral reef, ancient ruins, and various sea creatures. AI generated image using stable diffusion.

Underwater City with Coral Reef and Ancient Ruins

Image Description

An underwater scene showcasing a vibrant coral reef filled with colorful corals in shades of orange, purple, and yellow. Various tropical fish, including striped and blue fish, swim around the ruins of an ancient city with tall, pillared structures. Rays of sunlight penetrate the water, illuminating the scene while rays glide gracefully above the ruins. The ancient ruins, covered in marine growth, suggest a long-lost civilization now claimed by the sea.


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Generation Parameters

(landscape focus),  <lora:add_detail:1.49>, (((SFW))), (((score_9, score_8_up, score_7_up))), 
In a mesmerizing underwater realm, the beauty and power of water unfold in breathtaking splendor. Ancient sunken ruins, remnants of a forgotten civilization, lie scattered across the ocean floor, their stone structures now homes to vibrant marine life. Coral reefs, teeming with color, weave intricate patterns around the ruins, creating a stunning tapestry of nature's resilience.
Water elementals glide gracefully through this aquatic paradise, their translucent forms shimmering with an ethereal glow. They dance fluidly around the coral and ruins, their movements echoing the gentle currents that sweep through the depths. Each elemental embodies the essence of water’s fluidity and grace, their presence a testament to the ocean’s mysterious allure.
Among the ruins, schools of luminous fish dart playfully, their scales reflecting the soft, dappled sunlight that filters down from the surface. Majestic sea turtles navigate the ancient structures with a serene elegance, while graceful manta rays glide like underwater birds, their wings undulating with the water's rhythm.
In the heart of this realm, a colossal merfolk guardian stands watch, her eyes deep and ancient. With hair flowing like seaweed and adorned with pearls, she commands the respect of all sea creatures. Around her, mythical sea life abounds: giant octopuses weave through the ruins, their tentacles exploring the nooks and crannies, while leviathans and sea serpents move majestically in the distance.
This underwater world, vibrant with life and steeped in history, captures the essence of water's beauty and power. It is a realm where the past and present harmoniously intertwine, creating an enchanting tapestry of wonder and majesty.
Negative Prompt
(((score_6_down, score_5_down, score_4_down))), (((NSFW))), (NegfeetV2:0.91), (badhandv4:0.91), (verybadimagenegative_v1.3:0.55), (easynegative:0.55), (open mouth, teeth, closed eyes), (singular subject focus), ((overly busy scene)), (simple scene), (plain background), (simple background), (poorly detailed anatomy:1.27), (imperfect anatomy:1.27), (flawed anatomy:1.27),
SamplerLMS Karras
Model_Image generation V10 with VAE
CFG scale7.4

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