An AI generated image using Stable Diffusion of a vintage horse-drawn ornate carriage with a forest background.

Vintage horse-drawn ornate carriage

Image Description

A beautifully crafted vintage horse-drawn carriage adorned with intricate golden decorations and a green canopy. The carriage travels along a forest path surrounded by tall, vibrant trees and flower-filled meadows. The driver, dressed in historical attire, steers the horse through the scenic landscape, creating a picturesque and nostalgic scene.


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Generation Parameters

Luxurious Elegance, (Unbelievable Professional 3D rendering:1.3) of (Cel shaded:1.3),(Disgusting:1.3) Safety Yellow, intricate, beautiful, symmetric,  interconnected regions, elements,   Emerald,      Bronze,   Amethyst, Mosaic, Regular pattern,  Animal, Flower,   Person,  Frame, Branches, wool,  Covered Wagon: A large wagon with a canvas cover, used for long-distance travel.,Green Hematite: Hematite with a greenish tint used as a pigment. <lora:Anime Summer Days Style SDXL_LoRA_Pony Diffusion V6 XL:1>,(by Artist Christopher Balaskas:1.3),CGSociety,ArtStation,(Neo-Expressionism:1.3),(Warm Colors:1.3), extravagant, ornate, designer, opulent, picturesque, lavish
Negative Prompt
ugly, deformed, noisy, blurry, low contrast, ((Wireframe)),Polygons,Screenshot,Character design,Software,UI,watermark,signature
SamplerDPM++ 2M Karras
CFG scale5.5

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