A vivid AI generated image of a young woman with colorful hair, merging blue and pink shades, rendered in a watercolor style using Stable Diffusion.

Watercolor Portrait with Colorful Hair

Image Description

A striking portrait of a young woman with intense blue eyes, where her hair blends vibrant shades of blue and pink, creating a dynamic and fluid appearance. The watercolor style adds a delicate, painterly touch with intricate splashes and gradients of color, enhancing the overall ethereal effect. The image focuses closely on her facial expression, emphasizing her deep eyes and calm demeanor.


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Generation Parameters

[(nude belly button, hips, ribs:1.5):(unfinished silhouette nude watercolor by agnes cecile:1.4):0.1], intricate mystical, dreamlike melancholic maiden cobalt blue, Oval-shaped face,aqua+ almond-shaped eyes, thin brows, small upturned nose, bow-shaped lips, vibrant,paint drips down cleavage,intense stare at viewer, white skin, 24 years old french woman BREAK (hot:0.9) magenta medium length curly hair NijiEX style,
Negative Prompt
photo, sagging, clothing cloth shirt top hoodie cloak veil, cleft chin, moles, closeup, bust, portrait, profile
CFG scale4

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