A white wolf humanoid seated outside a wooden cabin, engrossed in reading a book. Snow-covered landscape with a lantern illuminating the scene. AI-generated image using Stable Diffusion.

White wolf humanoid reading in winter

Image Description

A white wolf humanoid sits on the steps of a rustic wooden cabin, engrossed in reading a book amidst a snow-capped landscape. The humanoid is dressed warmly, with a patterned red and brown scarf around its neck and a vest. Falling snow and a dimly lit lantern enhance the tranquil winter setting. The scene is beautifully detailed, capturing each strand of fur on the humanoid and the texture of the wooden cabin.


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Generation Parameters

(((Barefoot furry character, full body, cinematic setting, furry male, plantigrade))) 
God I miss you like hell
I was wrong I can tell
For (((the heart can be blind and frozen)))
Now I live with the pain
Every night, every day
As I read those letters you wrote me
How I long for the time
When your lips would kiss mine
And the promise was still unbroken
I will wait for tomorrow
That may never come
I will wait in the name of love
BREAK, winter, snow, intricate details, highly detailed, extreme detail, octane render, fine art, best quality, highres, (detailed face:1.5), ((full_body)), UHD, (((perfect hands))), low light
Negative Prompt
split image, multiple images, ((text)), human, ((naked)), shoes, shirtless.
destorted face, deformed hands, blurry eyes, deformed feet, bloated feet, fused fingers, fused legs, cropped legs, cropped body, destorted eyes, blurry body parts, detached body parts, logo, text, poorly drawn face, mutation, extra limb, bad anatomy, extra limbs, poorly drawn face, poorly drawn hands, missing fingers, ugly, cross-eyed, out of focus, multiple characters.
(worst quality:2), (low quality:2), (normal quality:2), lowres, jpeg artifacts, signature, watermark, ((monochrome)), ((grayscale)),
SamplerEuler a
ModelRedwater Redwater
CFG scale4

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