A woman in a white blouse and dark skirt drinking tea in a cozy tea room, generated with Stable Diffusion AI.

Woman Drinking Tea in Cozy Tea Room

Image Description

A young woman with long, dark hair holding a teacup in a cozy tea room. The woman is dressed in a white blouse with dark trim and a dark skirt. She stands in front of a large window that lets in natural light, giving the scene a warm and inviting atmosphere. The room is furnished with wooden shelves and a variety of tea sets and cups, adding to the comfortable and relaxed setting.


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Generation Parameters

UHD, 8K, ultra detailed, a cinematic photograph of analog film photo Lifestyle photography photo of a young pretty Japanese woman, with long, black, straight hair, pouring tea in a traditional tea ceremony, looking at the viewer, upper body framing, in a Japanese tea room, symmetrical background, under (natural lighting:1.3), shot at eye level, on a Sony A7111, with a (soft focus filter:1.3),(in the style of Wes Anderson:1.3), high quality photography, 3 point lighting, flash with softbox, 4k, Canon EOS R3, hdr, smooth, sharp focus, high resolution, award winning photo, 80mm, f2.8, bokeh, faded film, desaturated, 35mm photo, grainy, vignette, vintage, Kodachrome, Lomography, stained, highly detailed, found footage, beautiful lighting, great composition, ((photographed by Vogue))
Negative Prompt
CyberRealistic_Negative-neg, epiCPhotoGasm-softPhoto-neg, bad-hands-5, negative_hand-neg, NegfeetV2,, ugly, deformed, noisy, blurry, NSFW
SamplerDPM++ 2M SDE
CFG scale7

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