A realistic AI-generated image of a woman with brown hair standing in a narrow alleyway. She is wearing a black top with a grey striped skirt and a brown belt.

Woman in Alleyway in Urban Fashion

Image Description

A young woman with straight brown hair and fair skin, standing confidently in a narrow alleyway with yellow and beige buildings. She wears a black fitted top accompanied by a high-waisted grey skirt featuring vertical stripes and an accent belt. The background shows a cobblestone path and muted urban architecture.


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Generation Parameters

A (brunette woman:1.5) Stunning+ Sophisticated. classy. Beautiful+, Cute++, small smile.  black unkempt. up close of her thick lips. black hair. leather belt. peasant rainbow burlap clothes. rainbow sarong. Walking in a Medieval courtyard lined with flowers.
Negative Prompt
ModelJuggernaut Reborn
CFG scale1

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