Portrait photo of a woman with glasses, generated using stable diffusion AI.

Woman with glasses in portrait photo

Image Description

A close-up portrait of a woman wearing glasses, featuring clear, stylish eyeglass frames. The woman has long, straight hair that is light brown. She is dressed in a gray zip-up jacket, with a slight smile and vibrant red lipstick. The background shows an outdoor setting with some greenery and blurred elements, emphasizing the focus on her face.


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Generation Parameters

cowboyshot, masterpiece, best quality, pretty 18 year old German girl, German beautiful woman, model face, blonde hair, realistic ,masterpiece,  (best quality, high quality, sharp focus:1.4), <lora:fullt4nkt0png:.8> fullt4nkt0png, white tank top, blue micro short jeans, wearing  (tigth white tank top) with huge erect nipples poking through, Sexy micro denim shorts, big round glasses with metal rim, slim, smiling, white striped thigh high stockings, sneakers, no panties, no bra, cameltoe, wedgie, perky breasts, pointy breasts, slim, slender, cherry red lipstick, freckless, on a fence with legs apart, smile, seductive smile, (looking at viewer, extremely detailed face, beautiful eyes, detailed eyes, symmetric eyes, open eyes, seductive eyes, slim face:1.3), (eyeshadow, makeup:1.1), sitting besides a blue lake among crags in the background, perfect eyes, metal round glasses, perfect eyes, perfect features, pigtails, long curly blond hair, stunningly pretty, hyper realistic details, cinematic lighting, cinematic quality, sharpen, hyper realistic, ultra realistic, textured skin, remarkable detailed pupils, realistic dull skin noise, visible skin detail, skin fuzz, dry skin, bokeh, sharp focus on subject. perfect eyes, detailed eyes, eyeliner5, pokies, Fixhand
Negative Prompt
(bad quality, worst quality, asymmetric face, distorted face, tattoos, teeth, (extra fingers), missing hands, extra hands, horns, nipple holes, crown, inverted nipples, (cartoon, painting, illustration:1.2), (worst quality, low quality, normal quality:2.0), BadDream, (UnrealisticDream:1.2)
SamplerDPM++ 2M Karras
ModelJuggernaut Reborn
CFG scale4

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