A sleek yellow sports car on an empty street under city lights at night, generated by AI using stable diffusion.

Yellow sports car in night cityscape

Image Description

A sleek yellow sports car, reminiscent of a Lamborghini, parked on an empty street under the city lights at night. The car’s headlights are on, illuminating its front with a powerful glow. The cityscape in the background is blurred with neon signs and street lamps, adding to the vibrant nightlife ambiance. The car’s body is brilliantly designed with sharp lines and aerodynamic features, standing out vividly against the dark surroundings.


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Generation Parameters

cars fantastic orange, [Lamborghihi Gallardo], speed, intricate detail ,neon city background, city background, night, HD. Photograph , in table((realism)), extremely high quality RAW photograph, ultra detailed photograph, sharp focus, high resolution, (detailed skin:1,3),high quality, film grain, Fujifilm XT3,Highly Detailed, movie, (Cinematic Photo:1.3) of (Realistic:1.3)
Negative Prompt
badhandv4,DeepNegativeV1.x_V175T,EasyNegative, chinese, japan, asian, (worst quality, low quality:1.4), watermark, signature, flower, facial marking, (women:1.2), (female:1.2), blue jeans, 3d, render, doll, plastic, blur, haze, monochrome, b&w, text, (ugly:1.2), unclear eyes, no arms, bad anatomy, cropped, censoring, asymmetric eyes, bad anatomy, bad proportions, cropped, cross-eyed, deformed, extra arms, extra fingers, extra limbs, fused fingers, jpeg artifacts, malformed, mangled hands, misshapen body, missing arms, missing fingers, missing hands, missing legs, poorly drawn, tentacle finger, too many arms, too many fingers,(worst quality, low quality:1.4), watermark, signature,illustration,painting,anime,cartoon
ModelDreamShaper 8
CFG scale7.5

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